A Course Taught by Spirit: A Monthly Series of Group Journeys


Fridays at 9-10:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time via BlueJeans Video Conference

Four dates: June 9, June 16, June 23, and June 30.

Offered for $30/month by PayPal invoice after your first session.

This group is designed for those who have journeyed before and who would like to deepen their practice, learn what Spirit has to teach us at this moment in time, and join a community committed to healing our lives and the world from the inside out.

You will also receive a journey interpretation each week for the class. Here’s a sample from last month’s class.

The format for each 90 minute class is as follows:

Check in and setting the intention for the group journey;

Sign off for a 9 or 15 minute journey. Write down some notes before signing back on;

Resume the video conference to share our journeys with one another (sharing your journey with others is always optional);

Decide on action items for the week ahead.

To journey with the class you will need:

• A quiet, private environment;

• Bandanna or eye mask to cover your eyes, allowing you to “see” any inner images better;

• Recording of a drumbeat or a drum/rattle sounded at the correct frequency;

The shamanic drumbeat recording that I use is Shamanic Drumming by Michael Drake available on iTunes for $9.99

A 9 minute recording of Shamanic Drumming is available for free</a> on You Tube.

To register, email Anna at aalkin07@gmail.com.  To download the BueJeans app, go here.