Anna Marie Alkin with son and nephew

Anna Marie Alkin’s lifelong interest in spirituality, social justice, and the natural world led her to work in Congress, spend four months in silence in the Tucson desert, accompany a death row inmate to the end of his life as a spiritual guide, and lead college students on multi-day pilgrimage experiences on city streets to learn from the homeless.

Eight years ago, Anna and her family founded LunaSol Farm on 14 acres just outside of Eugene, Oregon, where they raise chickens, berries, and locally-adapted honeybees,

True to the surprising twists and turns that have characterized her life journey, it took more than a decade after leaving the Catholic Church and a career as a university campus minister for Anna to discover the practice of shamanism. With the use of a drum frequency long used by indigenous peoples to access the unseen realms of spirit, Anna has uncovered a wellspring of invaluable personal guidance and a source of storied wisdom to animate her writings.

In addition to beekeeping, boy-raising, and writing, Anna has a growing international practice in shamanic guidance. As a shamanic spiritual guide, Anna journeys for others and provides guidance in light of these journeys, drawing upon decades of study and practice in the spiritual teachings of the world religions.

Anna received her MA in Religion with a concentration in social ethics from Yale Divinity School.