Dreaming a New Dream: A New Year’s Shamanic Intensive

Designed by You

Your intention(s) will be at the center of this six-week course that will start in mid-January and run through February of 2018. No two experiences will be alike, just as no two lives are the same.

Sample intentions for “Dreaming a New Dream” in the New Year:

Learn to journey or deepen your practice of shamanism, improve your ability to “interpret” and understand your journeys, dreams and life events, and find action items in the journeys/dreams to help you more fully plant the inspiration and wisdom of spirit in the soil of daily life.

Gain clarity about your life purpose and right livelihood, as well as receive and act on “next steps” given to you through journeys. By embarking on this pilgrimage of transformation, you are inviting Life to show off, since joining in this course is an affirmation of your readiness to pay attention, listen, and set time aside to be restored by the deep wellsprings of Spirit.

Walking through loss, trauma, or illness with greater awareness, compassion, and a sense of humor. Shamanic journeys are particularly adept at shedding a light on the purpose and opportunities presented by painful experiences. This understanding can help us awaken from the nightmare of the limited viewpoint of the personality (pain=bad) to the beautiful dream of our soul. This course is an opportunity to catch on to the soul’s fearless and freedom-oriented curriculum and get on with heaven’s agenda of becoming the delightful, spirited, and unique being we are at root.

Dare to dream bolder dreams. Become an artist, more creative and wild in your use of the palette provided by your life. Bring more color, joy, creativity, and aliveness to your existence. The practice of shamanism is very much a practice of spiritual “jailbreak,” busting out of the drab prison cell of the mind. This 6-week odyssey can be used to help you to make a break for it and evade capture on your spiritual journey “home.” The weekly practice of journeying and homework are key elements in helping you to dream boldly and dare to translate these dreams into daily reality.

What you’ll get

The course includes two one-on-one 90 minute shamanic guidance sessions in the first and last weeks of the class and four 90-minute online journey circles in the middle weeks.

Integration:  At the start of the intensive you will receive “homework” in an email based on your and my initial journeys to help you anchor the wisdom of Spirit with particular actions in your life. As we go through the intensive together, I am available for questions, revised practices for new life developments, dream and journey coaching and interpretation, and support.

Skills: Whatever your intention, you will learn how to journey or deepen your practice in this course with both individualized guidance and the help of weekly journeys with a group.

Soul Food: Embarking on this 6-week adventure will help you to prioritize your commitment to soul work and follow through on your homework to integrate the guidance of the unseen world into your daily life.

Companionship: Because the seeker’s journey through life can feel lonely and difficult, it helps a hell of a lot to have others walking the path along with us. The learning—and the fun—is magnified by journeying with others.

Tailored for you: If you are in the midst of a sensitive life transition or difficulty, you do not have to share your intention for the 6-week experience, or the content of your journeys, with the group. Each person will be met where s/he is.

Support: The shared intention of the community–to request and act on guidance from the unseen world—both unites and supports our individual journeys of growth and transformation.  Dreaming together over these six weeks will add potency to our efforts to dream a new dream for ourselves and by extension, our world.

The Nitty Gritty

This six-week class begins the first week of January, date and time to be determined by registered class members.

Cost is $250, payable by PayPal invoice, to hold your seat in the class. If you need a payment plan, tell me. We can arrange for up to 5 weekly payments of $40 with a deposit of $50.

This course is limited to 6 participants. No prior experience with shamanic journeying is required. You can participate from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

If during the 6 weeks you are unable to attend one of the prescheduled group journeys, an audio recording of the session will be made available to you. Life happens.

To register, email me at aalkin07@gmail.com. And feel free to spread the word to any friends you think might be a good fit for this class.