Introduction to Shamanic Journeying: An Online Class

This June, Gaia Shamanism is offering a 4-week, online, experiential Introduction to Shamanic Journeying.

Cost is $40 for four 90-minute classes. Day and time to be arranged based on participant schedules.

Journeying in the context of a community helps to strengthen the journeys of all involved. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn the variety of ways people receive information through shamanic journeying, enjoy the support of a community, and build a strong spiritual foundation by engaging in this weekly practice and action items to practice during the week.

This class will include introductory materials about shamanism.

The format for each Introduction class is as follows:

Check in, discuss questions, and set the intention for the group journey;

Go offline for a 9 or 15 minute journey. Write down some notes before signing back on;

Resume the video conference to share our journeys with one another (sharing your journey with others is always optional);

Decide on action items for the week ahead.

To journey with the class you will need:

• A quiet, private environment;

• Bandanna or eye mask to cover your eyes, allowing you to “see” any inner images better;

• Recording of a drumbeat or a drum/rattle sounded at the correct frequency;

The shamanic drumbeat recording that I use is Shamanic Drumming by Michael Drake available on iTunes for $9.99

A 9 minute recording of Shamanic Drumming is available for free</a> on You Tube.

To register, email Anna at To download the BueJeans app, go here.