Online Journey Circle Checklist

Email to receive an invite to join this week’s free online journey circle. In your email to me, please let me know your level of experience with shamanic journeying.

After you email me, you will receive a zoom invitation by email. Zoom is a video-conferencing platform to which I subscribe for my practice. You need that email to join our journey circle.

You may click the “join meeting” link on the confirmation email to download the Zoom app ahead of our circle. You will still be able to enter the meeting at the appointed time. 

You will also need the following to journey with us:

  • something to take notes on so you can jot down your journey experience;
  • a bandanna or eye mask to cover your eyes;
  • a downloaded recording of a shamanic drumbeat; and
  • earbuds or headphones (optional). 

This website has shamanic journey tracks to download for free: drum, drum with rattle, and just rattle.  For our circle, choose a 15-minute journey with “callback” (which means the drum or rattle slows to signal your time is up). 

Remember to set your phone to “airplane mode” if the beat is on your phone to keep incoming calls from disturbing you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our journey circle!