Shamanic Guidance

 Shamanic Guidance


Shamanic journeys bring the subterranean perspective of the soul into the conscious realm, and in so doing, can offer a refreshing and unusual take on any questions, decisions, or challenges you face.

When I journey with and for others, my task is to understand the constellation of questions before us and to connect with your energetic field at a particular moment in time.

With the help of a drumbeat, you and I will take a journey into the unseen realm of spirit, returning with guidance in the form of stories rich in imagery.

Topics for journeys include:

Questions about life purpose, direction, or big decisions.

Navigating relationships with family, mate, classmates or co-workers, yourself and/or God.

Meaning and soulful lessons hidden within an illness, a tragic event, creative block, loss, or powerful dreams.

Creating an authentic life:  How to cultivate more joy, find right livelihood, sustain activism over the long-haul, and/or deepen your intuitive gifts and connection to Spirit.

And whatever else you might cook up…

Journeying Together

 For those who already journey for themselves, I encourage you to journey at the same time as I. For those who would like to learn how to journey, I will teach you how to do so in this session.

This said, please do not feel that you have to journey. This is an opportunity, not an obligation.

Journeying together is helpful in demonstrating how you connect to Spirit (e.g. feeling, seeing, hearing), gives emphasis to particular aspects of the message, and supports beginners and those seeking to deepen their shamanic practice with a more vivid experience of the Spirit world.

Because the language of the soul is one of symbol, a large portion of my work lies in helping to unpack and interpret the journey in practical terms for your life.

In so doing, I draw upon years of providing professional spiritual guidance, a familiarity with the spiritual practices of the world’s religions, and an aptitude for symbolic interpretation honed over a lifetime.

Each Shamanic Guidance session includes:

30 minute check-in via FaceTime, BlueJeans, phone (if in the US), or in-person if you live in Eugene, Oregon.

Individualized instruction in shamanic journeying.

15 minute journey on your laundry list of questions.

An hour-long conversation including our retelling of the journey experience and interpreting its symbolic messages for you and your life.

An audio recording of the journey and, if indicated, an email with any resources or suggestions for further learning and practice.

Optional 30-minute follow-up conversation a week or two after the session to explore any questions or thoughts that remain after the experience.

The Nitty Gritty

The fee for a single Shamanic Guidance session is $100.00 USD, payable by PayPal invoice after the session. All credit and debit cards accepted.

Use the “book appointment” button on the bottom left of this page, or feel free to email me at  Be sure to visit the Session Checklist in preparation for our time together.


Other Offerings

For those looking to deepen their shamanic practice after the first session, I offer a variety of options:

Shamanic Wayfinding: For those in times of great transition or who prefer to meet more frequently, the Wayfinding sessions will provide you with weekly one-on-one shamanic guidance, access to online journey circles, and unlimited email support at a cost savings from individually-booked sessions.

Shamanic Intensives: Looking to deepen your shamanic practice with a mixture of individual attention and the support of a community? Periodically, I offer 6-week-long intensives which include 2 one-on-one shamanic guidance sessions and 4 online journey circles.

Weekly online journey circles are also available for those who are currently enrolled in Shamanic Wayfinding, have completed a Shamanic Intensive, or are otherwise a good fit for the group.  In 2018, we are meeting  from 9-10:30 am PST on Wednesdays. The cost of a monthly subscription for four circles is  $40.  Feel free to email with your interest.


Disclaimer: Shamanic Guidance is not a substitute for licensed medical care. You should regularly consult a doctor or licensed professional in all matters relating to physical and mental health, particularly concerning any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.