A Course Taught by Spirit: Shamanic Journey Circles in June

Last month, I taught a course in shamanism. And as is so often the case when dealing with the realm of the spiritual, my plans came completely undone with the first class.

I wrote a piece that centered on the spiritual lessons of the honeybees before we met for our weekly online video conference.

Five minutes into our first class, I realized that the prepared materials were extraneous to the matter at hand: getting to know one another, talking a bit about our lives to set the group journey intention, and sharing the experience of going on the journey together afterwards.

And after our first group journey, I was convinced that the best way for me to “teach” was to write a journey interpretation from the class. The material was that good, the guidance tailor-made for our lives.  A spirit guide in our second group journey congratulated us: “You have embarked on quite the curriculum. You have chosen to participate in a course taught by spirit.”

That first class “taught by spirit” focused on the purpose of our journeying together:

“While the city as a place of refuge was a mirage, the dust storm and the advancing storm clouds were real. I suggested that we get to shelter and frog took us to a cave in a rock wall. As we sat inside and the rain, hail, and lightening commenced, it dawned on me that the answer to the problem of our times, represented by this parched and dry land, was provided by the storm.

…The cave itself bears noting. That I suggest we take shelter in the cave seems a strange reversal of roles with our guide. But the decision to “take shelter” in the ancient and ancestral practice of shamanism as the storm advances is our choice to make. We are always left free by spirit to choose our course in life.

Our human guide, Sandra, pointed out that as we three sat together…we enjoyed community in this liminal and sacred space. By meeting and sharing this forgotten spiritual practice, we are helped—and help—far more than we know.

Here is our “safe haven” from the storm. Here, the creations of a new order are incubated and birthed. Here, together, we can better persist in our efforts and have fun while doing so. This, it seems, is the purpose of meeting together: to journey for guidance and begin creating a new dream for the world in the midst of the storm.”

Because that class was so much fun, Gaia Shamanism is facilitating two group journey experiences in June:

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying:  An Online Experiential Class

$40 for four 90-minute online classes in June.

Day and time to be arranged based on participant schedules.

Introduction to shamanism materials included.

To register email Anna at aalkin07@gmail.com.

A Course Taught by Spirit:  An Online Shamanic Journey Series 

$30 for four 90-minute online classes in June.

Fridays from 9-10:30 AM PDT June 9, June 16, June 23, and June 30.

You will receive journey interpretations from the class each week.  Here’s a sample from the last class.

To register, email Anna at aalkin07@gmail.com.

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  1. sign me up. The other day I bought a cute little purse and when I got home there was a whale, frog, turtle engraved on the purse. I’ll send you a pic. If you would like me to write a testimonial for the class I will gladly write something up to post.

    Are you going to share the class offerings on the Facebook group for Shamanism?

    Hope you’re feeling better.


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