Shamanic Vision Quest

This Memorial Day Weekend, in observance of Swarming Season

Join us for a vision quest on Memorial Day weekend (Friday evening, May 24-Sunday noon, May 26). Camping out with us is suggested but not required.

We will be outside in nature, journeying on the themes of swarming season: letting go, clinging to the essential, going out on a limb, new life, and community.

Together, out in the elements, we will leave the clutter behind and make room for inner spaciousness. We will deepen, quiet, and grow still under the sun and stars, making room for new life. Swarming from our accustomed ways of being, together, is a powerful and healing medicine.

We will create a prayer altar, share meals, make offerings to the land, laugh before the fire under the stars at night, and practice the ancient Greek art of dream incubation as we sleep on holy ground out in the cathedral of nature.

This is your sacred time. The underlying structure of this vision quest will be based on the movement of the breath, coming in as a circle to journey, then going out to an individual sit spot out on the land.

The first half of the day on Sunday will be given to journeying (perhaps by our colony of honeybees) to seek guidance on how we as a group can continue to support and catalyze our individual and collective spiritual unfolding.


Honeybees work in a variety of capacities in the hive and so will we on this retreat. Part of your offering to the group will be to contribute one of more of your talents to the gathering. Examples: helping to prepare the land ahead of time, facilitating rituals or group processes, offering music or movement or food or…, or assisting with whatever needs doing.

Between all of us, there is an embarrassment of riches. Together, let us celebrate our abundance.

Monetary Offering

This vision quest will be offered on a pay-what-feels right donation basis. After the vision quest, you will be asked to humbly consider what the experience was worth to you, and your offering will be received with gratitude. True to the theme of this vision quest, we will be swarming from the usual ways of doing things here in favor of trust and reliance on our shared abundance.

If you plan to eat with us, let me know of any dietary needs in advance. The shared food cost will be modest and added to your donation.

To attend, please RSVP to

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