Making time sacred

Journey time is sacred: there is no where you have to go, nothing you have to do, no schedule to keep. In only fifteen minutes of time, you can refresh your whole perspective and being.

The shamanic journey can be used by busy people to help us to slow down, savor moments of life that we merely skimmed over, take a rest in a sunny meadow, or dance under a blanket of stars by the campfire.

Often, moments in nature return to me while I am on a shamanic journey: the sound of the hawk, the warmth of the sun on my back, the magnificent emerald hue of the grass. In this meditative state, I can finally receive the tenderness and beauty offered so freely by the world.

Instead of journeying to receive guidance or an answer to a question, you can journey with the simple but powerful intention of going on a healing journey to a beautiful natural setting to receive the consoling and sustaining energy of Spirit.

You can journey to recollect yourself if you are feeling scattered or forgetful. You can also revisit a moment, a place, or a beloved being in your life with the intention of slowing things down and seeing with the eyes of the heart. 

Use journey time to give yourself whatever it is you most desire: an unhurried moment, some space, the experience of warm sunshine during a long and wet Oregon winter. This practice can become a resource for your soul, your self, and your very cells. 

In short, we can use shamanic journeys not to escape reality, or even to change it, but to become present and attentive to the overlooked gifts of life’s journey. And this shift in perspective may be all the healing you need.

To encourage the practice of regular journeying among friends and clients alike, I am now offering online shamanic journey circles for free.

Don’t know how to journey yet? I will teach you in the circle. 

New to the practice? Join us, gain experience, and ask questions. 

Circles will be held Wednesday evenings, 4 pm PST/ 7 pm EST for 90 minutes (except Dec 25).

Email with your interest.

Come in from the cold and restore your soul.

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