Developing Perfect Vision in 2020

As a teacher of inner sight, or insight, and the sister of an accomplished eye surgeon, the question of what constitutes “perfect vision” has long been a subject of meditation for me. 

2020 is the ideal year to explore this theme in our own lives. One needs stereo vision, outer sight balanced with inner sight, to see perfectly.  

The snake, the primordial symbol of regeneration and new life, loses vision when in the process of shedding its skin. Their eyes have scales.  

As do our own eyes.

Instead of becoming defensive and afraid as the scales fall from our eyes during our process of collective transformation, it is vital to grow strong inward vision as our shared external vision clouds.  

To facilitate clear vision in 2020, I will roll out a series of free offerings aimed at democratizing access to in-sight through shamanic journeying. 

On New Year’s Day, a Wednesday, Gaia Shamanism will be hosting a free 90 minute online journey circle starting at 1 pm PST.  

First-time journeyers are welcome as well as friends of members of this mailing list. 

After New Year’s Day, Gaia Shamanism will be offering free weekly online journey circles on Wednesdays at 4 pm PST.

Email with your interest in either.

Happy Winter Solstice, y’all.

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