Shifting mind & body

There is a maxim among those who work to help people heal from trauma: “Story follows state.” 

The stories we tell both reflect and reinforce the state of our body and mind. 

Shamanic journeys, the process of entering a state of non-ordinary awareness with the help of a drumbeat or rattle, is a valuable resource in revising the limiting stories we tell and live in the world.

A journey you might take for yourself: ask Spirit for a new story, one that will help you to shift in useful and perhaps profound ways. 

This is not to be a heady exercise in self-reflection; in fact, you don’t even have to know what needs to shift in advance.

Simply ask for Spirit’s answer in the form of a journey. From the “answer” you receive, you can likely deduce what story (and accompanying behaviors) are the current priority for Divine remodeling.

This is one aspect of the work I do in my practice. Learning to journey, setting time aside to dip the net of the mind into subconscious waters, yields fresh insight and provides a bounty of food for reflection. 

Story follows state. New stories help us to shift into a more trusting, brave, and expansive relationship to life.

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