Towards perfect vision: Imbolc 2020

This upcoming Saturday, February 1, is Imbolc, the mid point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. 

In terms of the rhythm of our collective consciousness, Imbolc means we’re still more in the dark than in the light, traveling through underground realms strange and powerful. In this hemisphere, at this time of year, we find ourselves on a common underworld journey to reclaim lost power.

Now is the time for exploring and expanding our energetic vocabulary. Now is the time to clean our energetic house that we might greet the coming light of Spring with sparking new spiritual capacities.

In my journey today, I found myself scanning my chakras, noting that some of these turning wheels were bright and clear while others were dim, misshapen, or cobwebby.

Much as one might wash windows at Imbolc to let the coming days of sunlight in, I began polishing these energy wheels of colored light. One can do a chakra journey to sharpen spiritual vision or as a form of energetic hygiene.

At a time of year when our immune systems are hard at work and sunlight is weak or unavailable we can also take journeys to invite aspects of the energy of Spirit to fortify us.

For instance, you might want to call the spiritual energy of the sun into each of your chakras, using your journey to experience the power of this inward sun as it warms, disinfects, and vitalizes each energy center. This may be just the boost you need to avoid that cold or to begin the swing back to equilibrium after illness .

Using the shamanic journey state in our own energetic healing is one powerful aspect of this meditative practice. If you are interested in celebrating Imbolc in Gaia Shamanism’s free online journey circle this Wednesday at 4 pm PST, let me know. I look forward to what we might discover and share in this week’s circle.

Or journey on this topic on your own. I would love to hear what you learn. A blessed Imbolc 2020 to you.

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