On Intention

Intention is what I spend the most time working on in my shamanic guidance sessions with others because getting to the heart of the matter ain’t easy. Journeys are an answer to a question, so it helps to be clear what your question is. 

There is usually an underlying theme, something that we are working on, that gives rise to all of the seemingly disparate happenings in our lives. Life is always answering us. The question is: do we know what we’re asking?

Understanding what we are currently asking of Life, identifying the subconscious themes shaping our path, is a potentially liberating subject for shamanic guidance.

Our lives are Spirit’s material response to our deepest longings, but more often than not, we want something else. We don’t like what we’re experiencing. We are in the habit of thinking that Life must be getting it wrong. 

Life isn’t. And neither are we.

We don’t understand the point of this waking dream called Life because we’re in the habit of seeing things through what the personality wants (security, comfort, ease) instead of what our soul aspires to learn, experience, and become. 

Shamamic journeys help us to get in touch with the soul’s perspective–the intention beneath this journey we call Life. What are you trying to learn, express, or be at this step of your journey?

And how does the larger historical moment support your soul’s intention? Because it does.

What beautiful, deep, and unrecognized longings have brought you here, to this step now, in this journey of a lifetime?

Let’s find out together.

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