Rooting in strength, resilience, and persistence

Wow, what a week, right? 

Spirit has been making several points to me of late:

One, this is a long-distance run we’re in here, not a sprint. Pace yourself, rest, adjust, feel, and rest some more. 

Two, get yourself centered. Getting centered is almost a full-time job at the moment. Limiting your news intake can be a big help here. 

Three, now is the time to be disciplined about Spirit: grounding, meditation, ritual, and any other practices that help you root into your body, the earth, and the moment. Without discipline, we are liable to spin out. It can feel like a lot of work, but regular practices will help anchor us in the choppy seas ahead.

Fourth, Spirit is non-negotiable in moments like these. I made the mistake of skipping some parts of my spiritual routine this weekend and paid the price physically for the past couple of days. The fear and panic and denial in our world are at a fever pitch, will only grow louder in the days ahead, and will knock you on your butt if you aren’t rooted in Something Greater.

And lastly, besides wrangling with my 84-year-old Dad to keep him from dining in every restaurant in Oregon, I have been told to stand down on helping others. That part is coming. We are readying ourselves for long-haul usefulness to others. For the week ahead, focus not on outward things, but on building a firm inner foundation for future action. 

So the theme I’m suggesting for our journey circle this week is that strength, resilience, and perseverance. What does Spirit have to say to you on this topic? What do you need to do? Not do? Or ask for from others?

How can you and I grow equal to the challenges ahead? And then let’s support one another in putting Spirit’s answers into action. 

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