Praying in the dark

The collective energy of this moment is heavy, dark, and dense. Here in North America, we have entered the tomb phase of the pandemic. 

Death, of course, precedes new life. We know this in our bones. But if we want to play a part in bringing new life to our land, we first need to honor the tomb. 

It is planting time in North America, but it is we who are being planted by Spirit. It is we who are being pressed down into the confines of constraint and loss this Spring.

We will rise again. But first let us attend to the darkness, the breaking, the dying, and the grief.

If we seek to skip this step, if we won’t yield to the larger forces at work in this dense and difficult moment, we won’t likely get to play a role in the coming super bloom of new life in the desert of our world.

The invitation this week is to go on a journey as a seed being pressed down into the soil. What is the quality of the darkness you now find yourself in? How does it feel? What do you know here, underground, in the earth beneath your feet? What is dying, breaking, or splitting open in you? Where and how might you be resisting the painful birthing process of new life? 

Notice, join, and accept yourself wherever you might be. It is less scary and lonely when we meet ourselves where we truly are. Once you get there, to where you really are, pray to your guides, your ancestors, and/or for beloveds in the language of your heart.

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