Pandemic series on the Holy Ordinary: Water

In the days since the pandemic began, I have been far less “productive” in my work in part because I now spend many hours a week sourcing food and other basic essentials for my parents and my family. Perhaps this has been the case for you as well. 

Women and girls worldwide bear the chief responsibility for collecting and carrying water worldwide and often do so at the cost of attending school or earning an income. 3.7 miles is the average daily distance women and children walk for water in the developing world. And don’t forget, water is heavy. 

We are calling upon our oldest ancestors, the elements, in this time of pandemic to help us awaken to the holy ordinary in our lives. Our last journey planted our attention into the earth as seeds; this week’s journey will explore what it means to have a sacred relationship with water.

Gaia Shamanism’s journey circle this week centers around getting to know Grandmother Water as a kind and beneficent elder and common ancestor.

Journey to give water your thanks. Talk, experience, and learn from her. As with our human grandmothers, to give Grandmother Water some of our precious time and attention is to feed her our love, which is the least we can do for the gift of life.

Draw close, offer her your admiration and friendship. Listen to her stories. What does she tell you? Is there anything she wants from you? Is there anything you wish to give her? 

This should be a sweet and spiritually-refreshing circle. This weekly journey circle is free, online, and open to all skill levels. I hope you can join us this week.

Kindly email if you wish to join us this Wednesday, April 15, at 4 pm PDT.


I’d like to invite you to join me in a ritual to prepare for this journey circle. Choose a bowl, perhaps special to you, and fill it with water. The source of the water does not have to be of special significance, as all water is sacred.

Before our circle on Wednesday, find a way to “tend” or bless or care for your water. These many waters, prayed over and consciously loved, will center our journey circle in the shared unity of this element and will help us to bridge the spirit world and the material world.

How has water blessed you? We will be stepping into a more mutual and honoring relationship to water in this circle and will start our time together by sharing the ways we blessed our water this week. 

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