Encircled by love

We will make an offering to Spirit each week in our free online journey circle held on Wednesdays at 4 pm PDT. This week we seek to honor and thank our guides, our healed and whole ancestors, and/or the healed and whole spirits of the lands in which we live.

When we feed our Elder ancestors, they are helped in their work to repair the web of life. These Elders are the true shamans who work to rebalance and heal our world. But they need our gifts of love and remembrance to help anchor their healing efforts in the visible world. 

Food or drink of some kind is one way of “feeding” these wise and well Elders upon whom our world depends. In thinking about making an offering to your guides or Elder ancestors, there may be a food or drink that seems fitting to offer them in the circle. Go with it.

Feeding the Unseen world with beauty is another important kind of offering. Flowers from the land, a mandala made with available materials, sharing a poem, are all examples of offerings you might make this week.

And lastly, behavior change is yet another kind of offering. Yesterday, one of my ancestors asked me to speak with a sweeter tone to my son since he’s her descendant, too. I’m now seeing the tone of my words as flowers that I am laying at the feet of the living and the dead. I’m doing my best not to put stinkweed in anyone’s path this week. 

What might you offer this week? We will share it at the start of the circle.



We will be visiting the calm, still lake at the center of our journey circle. With our prayers and ritual offerings, we are building a fire of love and devotion on the shores of this lake in the Unseen world. The purpose of these offerings, the purpose of this fire, is to create a gathering space of warmth, protection, and beauty in the darkness of these times. 

Here, by the fire by the lake, we shall recharge and renew our spirits. Take time to commune with these elements of water and fire.  Notice the ring of your wise and well ancestors gathered just outside the circle firelight created by our bonfire of love. 

Sit here, drink in the warmth, the love, and the protection of this sacred place, encircled by your wise and joy-filled ancestors. You may stay here by the fire and do nothing but receive this outpouring of love for the duration of your journey.

For those who wish, you may ask to meet or visit with one of your Elder ancestors by the fire. If you don’t already know any of them, this is your chance to connect with one of the many who support you in this life. If an Elder steps forward that you have already met, take this to be an invitation to get to know each other better.

Welcome this Elder to the fire. Thank him or her for being there for you in this life. Listen. Sit together. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Spending time together is how you build a relationship. If there is someone you are worried about or something you need help with, ask for the help of your Elder.

For those who feel called to it while sitting here at the fire, ask this Elder what you might do to help dispel the fear, isolation, and cold that so many on the margins are feeling in our world at this time. What might your offering be to our world this week?

No need to contact me with regrets, but please let me know at anna@gaiashamanism.com if you hope to attend this week. Be well, ya’ll.

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