Journey to the center

As the world as we’ve known it continues to unravel all around us, it is of vital importance to get in touch with our core, to feel the still point at our center, and to practice staying connected with that center as we go about our day.

This center, this place of ground and stillness at your core, is a birthright. It can never be lost though we can lose contact with it. The center within you is connected to our collective Center, the source of all life. All beings, human and non-human alike, alive and dead, are endowed with an indestructible center, also called the eternal soul.

In these times of confusion, when disinformation is regularly cooked up for our consumption, it is especially important to get into contact with your center and to remain in touch with it. Our minds can get lost in words and arguments, but our feeling sense, rooted in our center, is discerning and wise.

For the free online journey circle this Wednesday, May 20 at 4 pm PDT, I propose that we journey to the center within ourselves. How does your center want to show up to you, what symbolic form might it take? How does it feel? Take your time and get to know this part of you better. Stay close and allow its energy of love to slowly fill you and seep into your bones. 

While you are in touch with your center, ask any questions you have. Perhaps the center has advice for navigating these times? Are there any practices that would help you remain connected to your center? Just stay in this part of the journey if it feels right and good to you.

If you want to explore further, use your journey to compare how it feels to be in contact with your center versus how it feels to encounter untrue, degraded, or self-interested energies. What do you notice? Compare these energies from the inside. How do you react in the presence of each? Take your time with it. Notice and learn.

This is a journey into the holy of holies, the innermost sanctum of our beings. We can only gain access to this most interior place of spiritual power with vulnerability, sincere love, and devotion.

Devotion has a scent. And so, before you sign on to Zoom, I suggest that you offer a wonderful fragrance to our circle by preparing the space where you will journey. Offer this scent as a gift to the Divine Center that we all hold in common and offer it with devotion for your own divine center, the soul.

This week is an opportunity to get in contact with the wholeness that dwells always within and outside of us in the center. 

Regrets aren’t needed but do email me at if you plan to attend.

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