The fire at our center

We are going to begin a series on the four directions in the journey circle, starting with the center. The aim of this series is to help us orient from within, centered on our unfolding mission, so we can stay focused on the part that is ours to play in the collective struggle for a more just and inclusive world.

This week we will start with the center: you. Here in the center, the power of heaven and earth meet. To be on this planet and in a body at this time is to occupy a place of great power and responsibility. 

Spirit enters the world through the center hidden in you, me, and in every living being. We all become poorer when any one of us neglects the center within and fails to bring forward the light and the heat of the fire that abides at our core and is ours to offer the larger world.


Working in the gray and white marble halls of Congress was a surprising study in the disempowerment one can feel while working among the ranks of the powerful. On the House side, where I served as a legislative assistant for a Houston congressman, I came to feel small and powerless in my inability to effect change. 

You learn in your time on the Hill to build and conserve your “political capital,” only pressing your opinion on legislative issues with your boss on select occasions–when it really matters–so that your voice will carry weight. 

When it does seem like an occasion to speak up, getting the whole House on-board behind any given message or measure is a daunting proposition. Congress is set up to kill, not pass, legislation. That’s a good thing: less is more when it comes to Congressional mandates and action.

My boss was only one of 435 members, though he did serve on the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Even if I were successful in getting the Congressman to sign on to a letter denouncing the mistreatment of Afghani women, for instance, we risked alienating his constituents in the oil fields of Baytown. If I risked my political capital to ask, and if he risked his political capital to sign, what difference would mere words make anyway?

Quite a lot, as it turns out, but not in the big and complete way I was seeking at the time. A letter from even a handful of members of Congress can provide moral support, lend legitimacy, and focus attention on issues championed by those working on the ground. 

It is easy to feel discouraged, disempowered, and even enraged by the towering events of these times. But no matter: you were elected by thousands of generations of your ancestors to stand upon the world stage at this time. No gift that you carry and can give from the fiery core at your center is unequal to these times.

Trust me on this one: you walk in the halls of power, though it may not feel that way. Don’t make the mistake of conserving your political capital in this life. Burn it all up in making the offering that only you can give our troubled world.


For this circle, I suggest that you offer the fire of a candle, incense, or sage to symbolize the fire that is alive inside each of us.

In this journey, we will encounter the fire at our center. Feed that fire if you need more fuel to power your efforts of creation or explore how you might bring the intensity of the fire down so that it isn’t destructive to you and others. Explore this fire, learn what you need for these times, and apply it to your life. You are welcome to remain in this intention for the full journey.

For those who want to explore the theme of the center further, if there is anything you need to destroy, let go of, or transmute in yourself, feed it to the fiery center that you encounter on your journey within. Sit with its healing power, let go of all that no longer serves, and use this blaze to get spare and clean inside. Ask and see there are any actions in the world you can take to honor the fiery center of the Divine in your body and your life.

If you need to be reminded of the existence of the Divine center in a particular person or group of people, ask that it be shown to you. To see this fire is to be reminded of the Divinity present in the center all “others.” 

And lastly, use the fire at your center to encounter the fire of our shared center as a nation or as a global family. Sit with it. Marvel at its size and power. If there is anything you need to destroy, let go of, or transmute for the collective in the fire of our shared center, do so with our gratitude.

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