The harvest of the Equinox

This Tuesday, September 22, 2020, brings the equinox when, for a short period of time, the heavenly powers of light and darkness will be evenly balanced.

Natural cycles build and grow and ripen over periods of time much longer than that of the news cycle. These natural cycles carry the seeds of the ancient mysteries within them about the waxing and waning of life.

The equinox is a time when the unconscious and conscious forces within us are equalized, amplified, and supported by the larger environment. This is an auspicious time to journey.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are invited to journey to harvest the lessons of this past growing season. What nourishment has life yielded over the past six months? What crops have ripened and grown within and around you since the onset of the pandemic?

Our minds may be pissed off by the pandemic, our hearts likely ache over the loss of community and of human life, but this is a journey to check in with our souls to learn what has been the deeper spiritual harvest of these days.

Take your time. Do your best to let go of the mind’s judgments. Endeavor to experience your soul’s harvest from this past season in terms as tangible and sensory as you can muster in the journey state.

If there is a fruit of your harvest that you don’t understand while you are in the imaginal world, ask it, feel into it, or request the assistance of a guide to assist you. My hope is that you will seek your answers principally in images rather than words to help bring the unconscious symbolism of your soul’s harvest to light.

In the Southern hemisphere, you are invited to journey on the same questions. Dark and cold days accelerate inward growth and activity in the unseen worlds of dream, journey, and creativity. What has been the harvest of these past months of inwardness and isolation?

What new harvests might the change in the balance of light bring to your life over the next six months? Try to see and feel and investigate with as much specificity and detail as possible.


This week, bring an offering of water to the circle. Choose a vessel sacred to you to hold the water and/or find a source for the water that is special to you.

We will each offer a few words of thanks to the water, grower of harvests, in the circle. After our circle closes, we will use this communally blessed water to pour libations of thanksgiving to Gaia on the land where we live.


This is a free, online journey circle offered by Gaia Shamanism on Wednesdays from 4-5:30 pm PDT. If you would like to join us, feel free to email All skill levels welcome.

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