In my last journey with Gaia Shamanism’s weekly online circle, my guide invited me to sit with him on the blue buckets in which I had been harvesting apples. The buckets were empty; he turned them upside down so we could chat.

Small details like these in a journey, I find, are fitting subjects for meditation. Anything from your journey that snags your attention, or leaves you wondering “why?” indicates a place to dig for more insight. It gives you something to chew on, spiritual food, as you go about your day. Seek to extend the journey into your waking life so that it better informs, or inwardly-forms, you.

This upside-down bucket called to me as an image all week long. Sensitives, those who get their information directly from the world in the form of feeling (and if you are good at journeying you are a sensitive) often have a wide-open crown chakra. This openness makes the sensitive “useful” to Spirit as it also makes Spirit useful to the sensitive. 

Sensitives often find themselves guided to do the right thing at the right time, putting things together in ways the mind could never orchestrate. Because of this openness, we have the capacity to be filled with the fruits of the harvest, both spiritual and practical.

This energetic openness, however, can be a liability. In the past week, I have been filled with the toxic fruits of these times, paying way too much attention to the news cycle, dreaming of Trump, and getting pulled outside of myself. No good.

To journey is to explore the world from a different center than that of the mind. To journey is to flip the energetic sensitivity we were gifted at birth, using it to connect not to the outside world, but to our inside world, if even for a few minutes of the day.

When we tune into our deep selves using the sacred drumbeat, we have access to the wisdom that lives in us beneath the conscious mind. This turning upside down, decentering the mind with the help of the drumbeat, can make the difference in our ability to navigate these upside-down times.

The message of that journey, spoken in the heart’s language of image, reminds us that we are always accompanied and beloved. If we invert the world’s ideas of safety and information, if we make a regular date to sit on the humble throne of sensitivity with Spirit, we will be safer, saner, and more able to carry the spiritual fruits of love out into the world


The circle this week is an opportunity to turn the tables on the crazymaking ways of our mind-made world. Let’s turn logic on its head and ask for a journey that will help us reorient, reconnect, and remember what we’re here to do and be and do-be-do-be-do.


Our offering is intangible this week: let us offer our overly-full, jumbled, and jangled selves. Let’s turn all our instincts to present a pure and perfect self to Spirit on its head and resolve to show up in the unseen world with a bouquet made from the flowers of our messiness and confusion. Put differently, our offering this week is our heart’s honesty, humility, and sincerity.


This is a free, online journey circle offered by Gaia Shamanism on Wednesdays from 4-5:30 pm PDT. If you would like to join us, feel free to email All skill levels welcome.

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