Solstice Ritual: Tending the Sacred Fire

This Monday, December 21, we are asked by the Knowledge Keepers Council of Turtle Lodge in Canada to light and tend a sacred fire throughout the day in observance of the solstice.  

This sacred fire can be either a fire or a candle. Because it may take some lead time to gather the candles or wood for Monday, I wanted to get the word out to you so you might participate, too.

By kindling this light, we kindle our own spirits. By tending this light, we tend to our relationship with Spirit, the natural world, and one another. 

From our elders:

“This request of lighting Sacred Fires is in keeping with the ways of our ancestors, the First Peoples, and is the first step to ensure our survival as human beings. 

There is fire in each of us that needs to be nurtured. The date chosen to light our Sacred Fires is December 21 2020, the solstice, and we will be joined by people all over the planet. 

The fire acts as the entrance to the spiritual realm. It is in humbleness that we request the help of our highest intelligence — the natural forces and laws that govern the universe and the land itself.

We need healing, and the land cleansed from the impurities causing the destruction of life, which are harming the animals, the birds, water, plants, and ourselves. With humility we invoke the help of the spirit so we might evolve to take better care of the earth, and accept with gratitude this collective responsibility.

Through the help of the Sacred Fire we will receive direction that can help us reach a deeper level of understanding, and lead us into balance, harmony, and peace with all life on Mother Earth.

Wherever you may find yourself on Mother Earth, join us in lighting a Sacred Fire that will bring light to a dark world.”

The whole beautiful statement is here:…/

I hope you can join me in lighting a sacred fire in your heart and hearth this blessed solstice. 

With my love,


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