Solstice: Joining the dance of our elders

This upcoming, Sunday, June 20, marks the longest day of sunlight here in the northern hemisphere and the longest night for our neighbors to the south.

In honor of the solstice, this month’s free online journey circle will hold the intention of joining the ceremonial dance of our elders–the earth and the sun–to express gratitude and receive guidance at this powerful time of year.

The dance of earth and sun is one of the primary, formative relationships that shape the soul’s journey through life.

At this moment, each of us is ripening into fullness and rooting into the darkest depths of our being. Like Gaia, we are comprised of two hemispheres, too.

We have all experienced the ways the seasons can be of help to us, encouraging us to get out and into the world in the summertime or reminding us to go inward for rest and insight during the darkened days of winter.

But perhaps you have also noticed the ways in which the season doesn’t match the whole of your inner mood?The more outward and bright my days, the more I yearn to slip into the dark waters of dreams and journeys for refreshment. And the darker and colder the season, the more I crave the fire of effort, movement, and relationship to lighten the density and inward pull of wintertime.

For this month’s journey, I propose we investigate the hemisphere of the self that is out-of-step with the dominant season. Perhaps this self will present as a child or as a wiser self from a later stage of life. Maybe this hemisphere of the self will be symbolized as an animal or a landscape that we can relate to, learn from, and explore. Or perhaps this half of the self will be shown as a color, a feeling, or as one of the senses. Who knows?

Our intention will be to meet and learn from the other hemisphere of the self to bring balance, healing, and to learn tangible ways of honoring the whole of ourselves in the months ahead.

In our journey together this solstice, let us show gratitude for the power of the ancient ceremonial dance of the earth and sun, our beloved elders. 

May our prayers and journeys this solstice show us how to make our lives into offerings juicy and ripe, rooted and real for Gaia and all her children, human and more-than-human.

Gaia Shamanism’s free online journey circle in honor of the solstice will be held this Wednesday, June 16, from 4-6 pm PDT.  

Email your interest to anna “at”  All skill levels welcome. I hope you can join us!

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  1. Gracias, Kiitos, Mercy, Thanking you Anna, for this calling to a Dance of our Elders around the Sacred Fire.
    I will attune to some of this as a Northern One, Golden Reindeer Moon Lodge Elder, and Abuela for Danza de Luna, as I also want to sit with Himalayan YOGIS to receive these ancient mountain cultures attunements.
    Combining both our mothers REINDEER and our fathers WILD MOUTAIN genetics

    Bowing down with gratitude humour and humility!

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