Weekly summertime journey circle

This summer I will once again begin hosting free weekly online journey circles on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm PDT.

When I was a kid, my mom hosted a weekly gathering every Sunday. It was a standing date that helped us all get through the heat of the Texas summers. 

Mom provided the swimming pool and a big bowl of sangria wine. Her friends brought food and drink, one brought his laundry, and mom floated in the pool along with everyone else. 

Those Sundays were wonderful because of their simplicity, the fact that the hostess was having just as much fun as everyone else, and the sense of community that grew over years of those open houses.

This summer, I aim to continue my mom’s tradition in my own way. You might say that the drumbeat is the sangria and the Spirit world is our common swimming pool.

Our intention will be what we bring to the circle that week. Together we will practice and grow in our journeywork skills, get to know each other, and deepen our connection with the soul or deep self.

It will be a refreshing, joy-filled time, more so with repetition.

Join us! You can find me out back, floating in the pool.


RSVP with your interest to anna “at” gaiashamanism.com to receive the zoom invitation. All skill levels welcome.

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