At the moment, I am on a cleanse. My days have been spent shopping, prepping food, and eating bowlfuls of colorful, living stuff. This is not the food of speed and convenience. But, as I chew my food for 45 minutes at mealtimes, I am reminded that this is what healing, patience, and love look like.

On day three of this liver cleanse a headache in my right temple finally abated. Today, on day 4 of 9 days, I am having moments of feeling lighter, like gravity doesn’t have its usual hold on my limbs. And as my liver cools, I can feel my old buddy, Anger, relaxing his grip on me. 

The world’s religions have all built varied forms of fasting into their annual cycle of spiritual observance for a reason: it works. Shift the body, change the mind. 

But we can also cleanse and draw closer to our natural state of effervescence and joy by consuming more–much more–of the good stuff. The cleanse I’m on is not one of starvation, but of feasting on Life.  

This strategy is one we could all use. How have you been fasting from the things that make you feel vibrant, happy, and alive? How might you consume more life, more vitality, more joy so you can release some of the funk and toxicity of living in these times? 

Let’s journey together to find out.


If you hope to attend this free online journey circle on Wednesday, August 18, from 4-6 pm PDT email anna “at” gaiashamanism “dot” com.  All skill levels welcome.

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