Dialing in

Last journey circle, I held the intention of feeling the feelings I had skipped over or missed in the past week. To feel your feelings, while often uncomfortable, is to reconnect to your strength as a sensitive. To skip over feelings, while natural (especially when we’re busy), is to become gradually alienated from self and Source. 

About 15% of us on the planet are feelers who are exquisitely (and sometimes excruciatingly) sensitive to energy. This sensitivity gives us the ability to connect directly to the energetic truth of the moment without intermediaries. It is of great practical value to be able to feel our way through darkness and unknowing in the collective birth canal of these times.

Twenty years ago, on September 11, I was only in my first week of work as a campus minister at a Catholic university in Austin, Texas. In the midst of grieving, coaxing our students away from watching the planes slam into the towers on TV, and planning a candlelight vigil for the community, I was pissed off at one of my best college buddies. 

My friend was frantic because two of our other friends from UT lived in Manhattan and she feared they might have been inside or near the twin towers that day. It was unlikely, but not impossible: one worked as a temp at a variety of office jobs while the other worked in finance in the city. 

In the turmoil of the moment, I had no idea why my panicking friend was stirring up anger in me. But a few years later, after doing a considerable amount of work to heal from childhood trauma, I had grown into the understanding that I am an energetic sensitive who navigates the world not primarily by thought but feeling. This realization was not a happy one for me because I wanted to be a “thinker” cut from the same mold as the towering intellects in my family. No such luck.

The jarring events of 9-11 had me checking on my friends the only way possible after cell reception was disrupted by the attacks: by feeling into them from afar. By dialing in, I knew with every fiber of my being that these friends were perfectly safe, This knowingness proved correct.

On that fateful day, I felt like my friend was being a drama queen, but with time I realized I made the mistaken assumption that she had access to the same information I did on that day. Not so. 

Again, only about 15% of us are feelers. Most of us can only dial in by using a phone. 

One unlikely gift of 9-11 was the realization that being a sensitive is a competitive advantage over being a thinker with a towering intellect in times like these.


Bring your own intention to the circle this week.


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