The healing journey of reciprocity

“In an indigenous perspective we see ourselves as an offering, just as everything we see is a gift to us. It is not healing or constructive to see ourselves as just the recipient of beauty. We must also be a gift to that beauty.”

Malidoma Somé, The Sun Magazine, July 2010.

In this week’s journey circle, I invite you to delve into the topic of reciprocity.

How might you come into a deeper, mutual relationship with the more-than-human world where you live, be it with a tree, mountain, river, rock, or animal? How might you get to know this being better? What beauty might you offer?

Or perhaps developing greater reciprocity with the Unseen world, becoming a gift to the wise and well ancestors, spirit guides, goddesses and gods, guardians of the four directions, or other beings of Spirit is what tugs more deeply on your soul.

Let us journey this week into the wilderness of the heart to discover who calls us to a fuller relationship.

Once we get clear on what being(s) call us to a deeper relationship, let us seek answers on how to make these relationships mutual. How can we offer gratitude and beauty for the many gifts we receive from Gaia or the Spirit world?

The fiction of the lone “individual” who stands separate and discrete from the web of life is a fiction that is killing us, body, soul, and planet. 

To enter into relationships of reciprocity with the beings in our midst is to embark on a journey of re-membering our true identity in and belonging to wholeness. 

I hope you can join us this week.


Gaia Shamanism is offering free online journey circles in 2022 on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm PST. 

This weekly circle is an opportunity to hone the practice of journeywork in a  spiritual container of mutual support, real talk, and humor.

If you would like to join us this Wednesday, February 23, from 4-6 pm PST, feel free to email me at anna “at” gaiashamanism “dot” com.   All skill levels are welcome.

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