Waging goodness

As atrocities committed by Russian soldiers come to light in Ukraine, I am reminded of how easy it is for individuals and societies to descend into chaos and evil. 

Though being a force for evil in this world is simple–requiring only a weapon and a lack of imagination–becoming a force for good in this world is not at all easy. At least not the way we’ve been taught to go about it.

We can’t generate goodness. Goodness is far, far too large for that. We can only cooperate with it and do the hard work of healing and feeling so we don’t obstruct its flow. 

At the end of the day, it is not through our own efforts but through the love of Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Spirit that we are re-membered, pieced together, and sufficiently inspired and strengthened to wage goodness in our world.

You are invited to join us to journey on any intention that is alive for you this week, but perhaps you, too, will want to journey on the subject of how you might wage goodness in your little corner of the world.


If you would like to join us this Wednesday, April 6, from 4-6 pm PDT, for Gaia Shamanism’s free weekly online journey circle, please email me at anna “at” gaiashamanism “dot” com.  

All skill levels are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you this week!

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