Lazy days of summer

The view from our back porch this August.

In observance of the season, I’m keeping it simple this week. I hope you’ll join me in the same. 

Come as you are. If you have no idea what you want to journey about, come anyway. 

Often, others in the circle offer intentions that shed light on our own. The journeys of others, too, help to shed light on our own lives. The circle can be kind of uncanny that way.

Join us this week. Come as you are.


You are invited to journey on whatever is most alive for you this week. And if you don’t know what that might be, come and find out.

I hope you can join us for the journey circle this Wednesday, August 10, from 4-6 pm PDT/ 7-9 pm EDT.


Feel free to email me at anna “at” gaiashamanism “dot” com for this week’s zoom invitation.  All skill levels are welcome.

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