New Beginnings

I’m partial to this time of year when a riot of new life arises from muddy earth and birdsong and fragrance fill the air. 

Perhaps, like me, you can feel the forces of Life rising up from the dark nurturing realms of soil and soul, seeking expression through us and out into the world.

What seeds will you plant in the garden of your life this growing season? Or perhaps you are called to let the land of the Self lie fallow, practicing the discipline of resting fully and well.

Whatever the case, I invite you to join us for a special soul-tending circle on the eve of my 56th birthday. 

Together, let us celebrate, share, and find ways to honor Gaia’s invitation to new beginnings through our very beings and lives.

I hope you can join us this week.

Way of Council

When we meet in our weekly circle, we use the Way of Council to surface our intentions for the journey using the sacred drumbeat:

When listening, listen from the heart without analyzing, agreeing, or disagreeing.

When speaking, speak from the heart, naming what is alive right now.

Be lean of expression, going to the core of what needs to be spoken.

Be spontaneous, trusting what comes, rather than what one has rehearsed or what one thinks should be said.

With deep respect for each others’ privacy and the transiency of the moment, we keep confidence regarding what is spoken, not engaging with participants over what is said nor sharing specific content with others.


Our free soul-tending circle will be held this week on Friday, March 24, from 4-6 pm PST/7-9 pm EST.

Email your interest to anna “at” gaiashamanism “dot” com for this week’s zoom invitation.  All skill levels are welcome.

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