Witnessed by Love

It has been a hectic week and it’s only Tuesday. My mom was in the hospital for a few days before she was discharged this afternoon. I’m supporting my folks as they settle back in at home, attempting to help them weave more caregiving help into their schedule over my dad’s (softening) objections.

Tonight, as my mate, son, and parents all settled into their usual places in my parents’ living room after dinner, I felt in my bones how graced these past days have been, and perhaps even more, how graced our lives have been the past 3 years we’ve been cooking and eating together in the evenings. 

The eyes of the ancestors are always upon us; we are held ever in Heaven’s gaze. 

Perhaps the greatest miracle isn’t that we live our lives witnessed by Love, but that every so often, we glimpse the truth that this is so.

There will be no soul-tending circle this week. I hope to see you in the circle next week. 

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