Into the unknown

Dear All,

This past Monday evening, my Dad received a call informing him that my mom was en route to the hospital. She is in the ICU and will enter hospice if she is released.

It’s okay–and awful–all at once. Mostly okay, since Mom seems to be resting well and fairly comfortable.

When Mom awakened to see me at her bedside today she said: “You look like someone I know.”

I replied: “That’s good since I’m your daughter!”

Mom flashed a huge smile and we laughed together. I’ve been fueled by that moment all day long as we try and discern the path forward for and with my mom.

Much as I would like to see everyone in the circle, I am on-call at the moment, and in the weeks ahead will be navigating some Big Grief. I need to suspend the circle.

The circle will return, but for now, it is time to step into the unknown. 

For those who might be interested, here’s a 30-minute video about my mom’s life and work:

Barbara Bader Aldave, aka Mom, is a force of nature. If anyone deserves to rest, it is she.

With all my love,


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