Anna Alkin’s lifelong interest in spirituality, social justice, and the natural world led her to work in Congress, spend four months in silent meditation in the Tucson desert, accompany a death row inmate to the end of his life, and lead college students on multi-day pilgrimage experiences on the streets to gain spiritual wisdom from our unhoused neighbors.

In 2011, Anna and her family left city life and started LunaSol Farm on 14 acres just outside of Eugene, Oregon, where they raise chickens, berries, and locally-adapted honeybees

Anna received her MA in Religion from Yale Divinity School and has worked in the field of spirituality for the past 25 years.  Eight years ago, Anna took her first journey and has been a student of shamanism ever since.

In her work as a shamanic practitioner, Anna draws on a blend of core shamanism and traditional Mongolian-Siberian ways of healing, ancestral tending, and restoring balance to the land.

For those who require healing (and who are accessing conventional forms of treatment), Anna employs the ritual methods that she has learned from a Mongolian shaman of the Darkhad lineage, an intact oral tradition that extends back some 12,000 years.  Mongolia is the birthplace of what we in the West call “shamanism.”

Because living in a balanced relationship with Gaia is foundational to the shamanic worldview, Anna recently completed a six-month training course to become a certified forest therapy guide. She offers forest bathing walks on a regular basis, both in-person and online:

In addition to offering spiritual guidance and shamanic healing services to individuals, couples, and families, Gaia Shamanism also offers earth-honoring spiritual seekers the opportunity to gather as a community for healing, ceremony, and spiritual growth.

Gaia Shamanism offers free weekly online journey circles, nature and spirit quests, guided forest therapy walks, coffees for groovy people, and seasonal sacred ceremonies.

While shamanic services are offered on a sliding scale, all Gaia Shamanism events are offered for free or on a donation basis.