Sometimes you want to give a gift that is unique, potent, and delightful.

In shamanic guidance sessions, I teach folks how to journey to the Unseen world to meet their guides, healed ancestors, and/or form meaningful relationships with the land, plants, and animals where they live.

And while we journey to form, honor, and tend relationships with the venerable others in our midst, we can also journey to listen and attend to our deep self or soul.

There is a saying among Inuit elders, whose territory stretches across 13 timezones, that the longest distance you will ever travel is from the mind to the heart.

Learning how to use the drumbeat for journeywork helps to shorten that distance considerably. To journey is to enter into a profound and new depth of relationship with the soulful self.

Each $100 gift certificate includes:

  • One vitural coffee date to meet each other and answer questions;
  • A 2-hour shamanic spiritual guidance session in which we both journey for your intention(s);
  • A tape recording of the journey retelling for future rederence; and
  • Post-journey follow up email support and conversation if desired.

Join me for the journey of a lifetime.