Setting your Intention

Intention is everything, for what you look for in the journey of life determines what you find.

Shamanic journeys address questions about real problems and offer practical advice, but they also nudge us out of the mind’s singular focus on problems into a broader perspective—that of the soul.

The soul prioritizes growth, choice, and experience over getting things “right.” Looking and feeling good are less important to the soul than progressing to a life of greater internal freedom and meaning.

Shamanic journeys tend to address the big picture aspects of what you are experiencing, give next steps or homework for developing your capacity for expanded awareness, and nudge you to self-understanding and acceptance.

It helps to be honest and forthright about your questions. The more clarity you have about your intentions, the more clearly the imagery and symbolism of the shamanic spiritual guidance session–and life’s journey itself–can speak to you.

You might think about the questions you wish to ask before going to sleep at night and then write your journey intentions upon awakening. Or you might create or do something— doodle, wash dishes, play music, chop wood, weed the garden—while mulling over your questions.

However you gain clarity, do that.