Shamanic Wayfinding

Shamanic Wayfinding

”One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”  –Andre Gide

Do you find yourself at sea, unsure of how to navigate the new and uncharted waters of this next chapter of your life?  Are you excited, scared, or unsure of what direction to take? Perhaps you yearn to develop an inner navigational system to help you to find your way through storms and challenges in the open sea of existence.

If so, you might be interested in Shamanic Wayfinding.

Wayfinding is the ancient Polynesian art of navigating the open seas, far away from all land, without the use of any instruments. Using “only” intuition and close observation of the natural world—reading the stars, the shape of the waves, the direction of the winds, the temperature of the water—wayfinders successfully navigated the 2,700 miles of open ocean from Hawaii to Tahiti, equal to the distance between Miami and Seattle.

To face the uncharted waters of personal change, climate chaos, or cultural collapse is to be pressed into developing the immensely practical skills of intuition and close observation of the inner world.

Things fall away for a reason. Opportunity knocks and your skill set for managing life no longer works…for a reason. The glass slips from your grip and breaks…for a reason. You reach the mountaintop only to discover it is barren and cold and lonely up there…for a reason.

Whatever the case, whatever your story, finding yourself suddenly lost and in new waters is the unlikely answer to your prayers, the lucky break you’ve been waiting for, in disguise.

Take heart; these challenges are proof that you matter too much to be left behind. You are being summoned to get on-board with the curriculum of Life.


“To be a navigator you must be brave and you must remember.”

Pius ‘Mau’ Piailug, Master Wayfinder

In these Shamanic Wayfinding sessions, we will journey together on your intentions, you will receive fresh guidance in response to emerging questions, and you will enjoy a regular opportunity to hone your intuitive skills.

The Wayfinding sessions will provide you with one-on-one instruction and coaching in shamanic journeying to help you develop your own aptitude for navigation and course-setting in the open seas.

Our work together will also help you to create and sustain a spiritual discipline to assist you in weathering life’s inevitable squalls. We will counter the inherent loneliness of wayfinding by meeting regularly, laughing heartily, and by witnessing your miraculous becoming together.

To pull the island of the Self out of the sea of possibility, one must have a series of small, incremental goals in mind. Journeying together will assist you in generating a clear and holistic vision of your desires and help you to stay the intuitive course in your journey to solid ground.

To push off from shore in search of the island of the Self is an act of tremendous bravery. To tap into the wisdom of the heart through shamanism is to remember how to navigate in ways practiced by our ancestors.

To do both is to become a wayfinder in the open seas of this age.


Shamanic Wayfinding provides individualized guidance & support:

  • Four two hour one-on-one shamanic sessions.
  • Homework, resources, and new areas of exploration as indicated by the journeys to help you integrate the wisdom of Spirit into your daily life.

Price: $240 ($60 session) payable by PayPal invoice. Signing up for Shamanic Wayfinding is to embark on a larger journey of four journeys. These journeys may be taken at your pace, over the course of weeks or months. All debit  and credit cards accepted.

To make sure that we are a fit as a team, and that this is the right tool at the right time for you,  first schedule a single Shamanic Guidance session.

Use the “book appointment” button on the bottom left of this page, or feel free to email me at  Be sure to visit the Preparing for Your Session page (Eugene or national/international clients) before our time together.