Beyond the Queenless Roar

When the honeybees find themselves suddenly without a queen, they get a good deal noisier as a colony. In beekeeping, this is called the “queenless roar.”

Take a listen:

Our human colony, too, is pretty dang noisy, and I would argue it is because we are queenless, without a relationship to the Mother or feminine aspect of the Divine.

This week in our journey circle we will be journeying on the question: who or what is your “queen,” your source of life, your most precious Beloved?

The answers we receive from Spirit do not have to be female, human, or even seem particularly “divine,” but the answer will be of profound and life-giving import to you. While you are over there in the Unseen world, try and find out how you might show your devotion and reverence for your Beloved. What can you do to demonstrate your love?

We may be surprised by what answers we get with regard to our “queen.” I hope so. And, we will most certainly be transformed by what we give, especially on a regular basis

This week’s circle is about stepping into a tangible and lived relationship to Love. Our active participation and daily ritual observance will center and anchor us in noisy and turbulent times.

If you would like to join us for Gaia Shamanism’s free online journey circle this week on Wednesday, February 19, at 4 pm PST, contact me at

If you haven’t ever journeyed before but would like to learn, this is a perfect opportunity. Looking forward to joining you in sacred friendship, intention, and vision.