“Anna creates such a safe space both to share honestly and deepen the understanding of the journey. There is only loving support and positivity; never judgment. Her intention is to assure clear insights into life’s questions and issues at hand, and she stays and works with you until that is achieved. I am so very grateful for her powerful presence and wisdom.”

“Gifted, light-hearted and an absolutely amazing woman! By far one of my favorite teachers on this planet.”

“Though trusted friends have recommended meditation to me as a source of guidance in their lives, I have never had much success with it. It was a real gift to discover Anna’s journeys at a very stressful time in my life, almost like outsourcing the hard work of meditation!

The journey Anna did for me was comforting and uplifting. It reassured me that despite the severe challenges and setbacks on my current career path, I am following the right one, and my life in general is on the right track. I am deeply grateful for this help and spiritual balm.”

“I’ve always had vivid dreams and Anna has really helped me to understand their symbols and to enrich my life. She has a powerful gift.”

“It was great fun to work with Anna, as well as extremely potent.”

“Anna Marie Alkin is one of the sources of wisdom I turn to regularly for greater understanding of the world–from the deeply personal to the profoundly universal. She calls herself a ‘narrative shaman’ and this is apt: she weaves and distills deeper meaning from the words we use and the images we encounter in dreams and shamanic journeys. I’ve been participating in her weekly shamanic journeys for more than a year now. They never fail to reground me and provide useful guidance for the path I am walking. ❤️ Highly recommended.”

“I have been very fortunate in my past to work with a healer through guided meditations. She was truly gifted and could work intimately with 10-20 people in a room. That was a period of profound development for me. That was 10 years ago and I truly miss those opportunities.

Thankfully, Anna is now doing this same work and I feel so comforted that I can just call her up, and that she will help me connect to guides and information that I struggle to access myself. She connected me with spirits I had no idea were watching me so keenly. While I have deep faith in my connection, she helped me to see that the anchor in my spirit world is much deeper than I had understood.

Thank you and bless you Anna.”

“Before meeting Anna, although familiar with the concept of shamanic journeying, I was very skeptical of the idea of a spirit world and how its alleged existence might pertain to me. The mere fact that Anna appeared in my life at exactly the time I needed to discover a deeper connection to humanity, the universe and myself is a testament to the existence of broader realms and caretakers.

After my first journey and Anna’s encouragement to try practicing myself I did some of her recommended reading on the subject. Several journeys later and having even shared visions with her in the spirit world I no longer have doubts and am eternally grateful for my expanding perception of my existence in this time and place. Anna is a gentle, extremely well-informed and inspiring teacher whose guidance has been and will continue to be invaluable to me and the world at large.”

“I had the pleasure to be introduced to Anna by a dear friend of mine. Anna is a special soul with a powerful gift. Journeying with her opened up a new world to me, a new dimension to understand my spiritual path and to validate the process towards growth. I always enjoy our discussions, her knowledge, her wisdom, her clarity, and her deep compassion & kindness…She is an outstanding teacher & guide…. Each shamanic journey has been a profound learning about myself- my soul purpose- & a fascinating discovery of hidden meanings and symbolic representations in a state beyond place and time.”

“Anna Alkin is a rarity: a brilliant scholar, a courageous seer, an activist and poetic interpreter of my other-worldly dream self. When I’m trying to make sense of the world journeying with Anna always bring me back home.”