To be in the now is to be in eternity in the midst of the flow of time. To be in the now, to bathe in the waters of eternity, is a key element of gratitude.

If you were a glass and Spirit was seeking to be poured into you from above, the way to be filled with eternity would be to hold still, wouldn’t it?

We’re talking about stilling your mind here, though stopping or slowing the body can indeed help to still the mind.

Take a cue from your environment: choose something that might cause you stress or your mind to speed up, and use it to slow your mind and open your being to the waters of eternity.

It can be anything: the red traffic light, the notification of a text. When you encounter these mindfulness bells, take a moment to hold still and be filled.

Gratitude is not something you manufacture.

You can prepare yourself to be in a grateful state by attending to the majesty of nature’s ceremony all around you, but gratitude is first and foremost a gift.

Gratitude is a gift–both for you and for Spirit.

When you are grateful, heaven is fed.

When you are present, you pull the spaciousness of Eternity into clock time.

Practice walking around seeing the world through your heart.  This is the key to gratitude.



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