Swarming Season (Part 2)

The colony as a whole
arrives at the decision
to swarm
through a felt sense:
the time is right.

The queen doesn’t decide
when the colony will
create the special,
swarm cells
into which she will lay
an egg
for the birth
of a successor queen.
The nascent queen
is fed a diet of
royal jelly
as she develops
in her chamber,
but again,
it is not the queen
who “orders” this.

The darkness
of the interior hive
the subconscious realm,
the communal womb
from which dreams,
shamanic journeys,
and all intuitive

We, too, swarm
from existing
social structures.
We come to
in similarly
and collective ways.
No one person
can order,
or contain,
the coming seismic shifts
in the ground of our shared consciousness.
Our conscious minds,
like our governments,
are often
the last to know
of the changes brewing
deep within us,
not to mention
deep within the heart
of our living planet.
This mysterious
and natural
swarming instinct
should give you
amount of hope.

Pressure for collective change
is building
the polished veneer of
Subconscious means
and this realm includes
the energetically
wise and
of our bodies.

We feel orphaned
and separate
from Life
because we identify
with the “superior”
of the mind.
In our boxes,
in our proud exile and
we have forgotten
how it feels
to plug into the larger consciousness
of the organic life force
through the “current”
of the Now.
In its commonality,
in its lack of exclusion,
in its open access to all,
this “current”
has the potential to unite us
with the wordless wisdom
of the body
and the greater body
to which we are united:
the living earth.

This current of energy
runs through everyone and
without exception.
The more often you
swarm from the boxes
of your mind
to come to your senses,
the more you align yourself
with everyone and everything,
the more “here” you are now,
the greater the voltage
of Life “current”
that can
and will
run through you.

Spiritual electricity
is as impersonal
as physical electricity.
It follows certain metaphysical laws.
One of the laws
of running greater life current
through your body
is practicing
radical inclusion
in thought, word, and deed.

In supporting and sustaining
all forms of life
without distinction or exception,
Gaia is our best teacher
of this spiritual law.
If you are matter, you matter.
The word “matter”
is from the Latin, mater,
meaning “mother.”
Spiritual attainment,
as modeled by Gaia,
is truly

Her spiritual power
is so material,
so common,
and so reliable
that countless species
have built their lives upon it.

Such is the power
of the sacred feminine
and the earth’s example
of a love
and embodied.
For too long in the West
we have worshiped
at the altar of the Father,
the sky,
and the intellect.

But reason
loosed from feeling,
unmoored from body,
and spirituality
from the wisdom teachings of the earth
is anything but
–or sane.
Our social order
is built upon
an anti-matter

We worship at the altar
of powers
and unapproachable;
once in the cathedral,
now in forces of the Market.
Our Western cultural orientation
enshrines and encodes
and exclusivity
into the words we speak
and the ways we distribute
value and power.
We inhabit an
aristocratic view
of reality,
we the common people.
This is the view we inherited
from our conquerors.
We hold a blind and
that worth is found
in what distinguishes
something from the rest.

While this misplaced
has long impoverished
us spiritually
(for the sacred is what we hold in common)
it now threatens
to extinguish us
as a species. 
For too long
we have uncritically
and celebrated
a scornful relationship
toward things common.
To be common
is to be “vulgar,”
in our language.
To be common, we feel,
is “beneath” us.

But what is beneath us is
the earth
—our mother, our source, and sustainer of life.
The symbolic landscape
we have inherited
is backwards and upside-down.

And so are our ways.

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