Language beyond words


For Gaia Shamanism’s free online journey circle this Wednesday, August 24, at 4 pm PDT, search yourself and settle on an intention for which to journey this week. 

It can be difficult to choose an intention, but being in touch with the questions we carry within can help us understand our lives a great deal more.

Life is always speaking to us, responding to our deepest longings and questions. The question is: do we know what we are asking?


At the start of the circle, we will each share a material object with the group as an offering.

Spirit is tangible, present, and often speaks to us in a language beyond words. To listen and respond to this language is a spiritual discipline–and a form of play. 

You’ll know you’ve hit on the sacred something to share with the group from the feeling of excitement or delight that draws you in. 

We were already fluent in the language of animism as kids. This is an invitation to talk to the stones, trees, and objects around your home on a weekly basis.

How does it feel to return?

To join the circle, email with your interest. All skill levels are welcome.

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