At the end of the path (March journey circle)

There’s a place I encountered when I journeyed in our last circle that I suggest we explore together in search of deeper insight into these times.

Our journey through the past year of lockdown and quarantine could be characterized as crawling on our bellies through a dark series of underground tunnels. As the year progressed, we grew somewhat accustomed to navigating through the constraints and uncertainties brought by the pandemic.

But then, suddenly, the nature of our collective journey changes. The underground tunnel ruptures into a place of dark and bewildering immensity. The path, as we have known it, ends.

Here, at the end of the path, with neither stars nor horizon visible, there is no vision to orient us, only sound. 

The resonance of this place suggests the presence of a massive cliff rising up behind us, towering over the scene. Just ahead, a chasm plunges down deep into the earth.

Torchlight is of little use here except to illumine the narrow band of solid ground before us. This flickering light helps us to recognize that we are standing on the edge of a cliff.

In the visible world: pandemic, flood, fire, and ice. In the unseen world: the end of the path.

This is a journey to explore this moment in human history.

Let us listen together here at the end of the path. What can we learn about the character and shape of The Change before us?

What can we learn by journeying to this place that we didn’t recognize, feel, or understand before? How does it feel to stop avoiding but instead explore this time and place with the strong eye of the heart?

What is yours to do with the narrow band of time, or solid ground, we have left?


If you would like to attend this month’s free online journey circle on Wednesday, March 17, from 4-6 pm PST, email me at anna “at”  All skill levels welcome.

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