An engaged and vulnerable love

As I sealed up our last surviving beehive this morning, after removing an empty quart jar of bee tea, I spoke a blessing through the open hole in the back of the hive that the bees might fare well through the coming cold months of winter.

It’s a precarious time of year for the honeybees–and for the human colony. 

While I knew we were approaching the grim milestone of 800,000 dead to Covid in the US, I burst into tears this morning when I learned that we have lost one out of every 100 of our elders in this pandemic.

Y’all know I’ve been caring for my folks, both of whom are in their 80s, preparing and eating dinner with them each night. Now, I am adding another lovely woman in her 80s to my caretaking duties on Wednesdays before we go over and cook for my parents. This is why our weekly journey circle is moving from Wednesdays to Tuesdays. 

With regard to these three elders, I am committed to helping them stay in their homes and to die a good death when that time comes. And, I am keenly aware that things may not go the way I hope either for my beloved honeybees or human elders.

But as I draw closer to these untamed places of heart and world, I am starting to catch glimpses of a luminous beauty that can only be known, it seems, from the sacred lands of an engaged and vulnerable love. 

I hope you can join me for the journey circle to explore these lands.


Let’s journey together to the untamed places of heart and world, of engaged and vulnerable love, and share what we find there with one another.


If you would like to attend Gaia Shamanism’s free online journey circle this Tuesday, December 14, from 4-6 pm PST, email anna “at” gaiashamanism “dot” com.

All skill levels are welcome. Hope you will join us this week!

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